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Stephen Colbert Appears on Russian TV, Jokes About Presidential RunStephen Colbert made an appearance on Ru [...]

- Daniel Holloway

Broadcasters Look to Extend Lives of Veteran Shows With Cast ChangesWhen “Taken” returns to NBC this fall, i [...]

- Andrew Wallenstein

Disney Digital Network Touts Synergies in New StructureMonths after announcing that its Maker S [...]

- Janko Roettgers

Twitter Bans Account of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Hacker The Dark OverlordThe Dark Overlord, a  group of hackers b [...]

- Rebecca Rubin

TV News Roundup: Heather Graham Joins Cast of ‘Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders’In today’s roundup, Heather Graham gets [...]

- Maggie Lee

Women Come to Fore in Indonesian Film IndustryThe role of women in the industry, and t [...]

- Daniel Holloway

CAA Signs Green Bay Packers’ Aaron RodgersGreen Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodg [...]

- Shirley Halperin

DJ Khaled and the Art — and Chart Smarts — of the ‘Featured’ GuestFrom TurboTax endorsements to Silk Soymi [...]

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‘4.1 Miles’ Wins Special Jury Prize at BAFTA Los Angeles Student Film AwardsDocumentary short “4.1 Miles” by Daphne [...]

- Variety Staff

BET and One Church LA Team Up Sunday for ‘Celebration of Gospel Live’On Sunday during BET Awards Weekend, One [...]

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The tutorials are divided into two main categories: shooting and editing.  If you need help with shooting better quality footage that you can edit later, then check out the tutorials in the “Shooting” section.  If you need help with basic video editing tasks, then check out the “Editing” section. That’s it!  Simple, easy, and time saving!

For some quick inspiration, check out this amazing film. It was shot, edited, and produced by Casey Neistat,  a high-school drop-out who never had formal training at any university or filmmaking school. (Check out his recent talk at the Sundance Film Festival.)



This movie has been viewed about 18,000,000 times on YouTube and it was shot on inexpensive equipment, with no script, storyboard, or shot list. All that was needed was creativity, energy, and, oh yeah, a lot of money from Nike. (Some say that Nike’s budget was $4,000,000 and that Casey and his friend blew it within just 11 days of travel, although this has not been verified.)